“Medea la straniera” Music and stories

  • 2 September 2016
  • 23:00
  • Municipal Art Gallery of Ancona
  • Music

Free entrance
Concerts at the Art Gallery

Curated by Macerata Opera.
Maria Pilar - acting voice recitante; Trio Voyage - cello, violin, accordion
Music by Galliano and Piazzolla.

Medea the different, Medea the barbarian, the wild, Medea the foreigner... How many years? How many encounters? How many sons you must have before a land become yours? Before you gain trust? Medea is the story of two civilizations that are unable to communicate and to understand each other. It is the tragically current story of fear that generates violence. Medea the foreigner is among us, to remind us that fear can be fatal.
Approaching the myth through the various authors who have described it, through the music that evoked it, it's like giving yourself a moment of knowledge because "only the gods know who first made evil."