Conference with Nicola Gobbi and Jacopo Frey, authors of “In fondo alla speranza. Ipotesi su Alex Langer” (Comma 22)

  • 31 August 2016
  • 17:00
  • La Feltrinelli Ancona
  • Meetings

Free entrance
Moderated by Giorgio Marchetti, environmentalist.

Alexander Langer, founder of the Italian Green Party (Verdi), was an unquiet and controversial man; he has always longed to create a dialogue between the “North and the South of the world”, between the rich and poor countries. He was a pacifist in a planet destroyed by wars.
“In fondo alla speranza” is not a traditional biography; it is rather a utopic research of the essence in Langer’s philosophy, made across the devastated lands of an imaginary Balkan area (not too imaginary if we consider his efforts for peace in former Yugoslavia).
The volume is the outcome of two emerging authors who won, with this work, the Komikazen Prize under the category Reality Comic.