Zastava Orkestar in concert

  • 30 August 2016
  • 19:30
  • Arch of Trajan
  • Music

Free entrance
Diego Rossi - sax baritone; Graziano Barbi - tenor sax; Gabriele Barbi - trombone; Matteo Sclavi - bass drum; Alessandro Chiavoni - snare drum, percussions; Andrea Radi - percussions; Giulio Barbi - trumpet and front man; Simone Bocci - trumpet; Piero Bronzi - sax contralto; Camilla Florita - sax soprano; Federica Ceccherini - clarinet

From Maremma to Balkans: Zastava Orkestar travel is made of popular music, acoustic instruments, live music to dance crazily, improvised acting, jugglery.
An ideal performance for street parties, in which spectators and artists build the show together and everyone is involved.
The band has played together for 12 years and has joined musicians and artists from Maremma, sharing the love for typically Balkan atmospheres and willing to turn on the public with vibrating and involving performances.