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Within the start of cultural cooperation relationships with Montenegro, and considering the link of nearness with Region Marche and the fact that, after Italy, Montenegro now holds the presidency of the Adriatic-Ionic Initiative, in collaboration with the Italian Embassy in Montenegro we propose Federico Mondelci in concert, a music excellence from Region Marche, with Paolo Biondi as piano accompanist.

The event will take place in Saint Spirit Church. Federico Mondelci and Paolo Biondi have been working together for over 15 years in full human and professional mutual understanding. Their interpretations are appreciated by both the national and International critics. The programme includes a set of exciting original pages written for saxophone interpreted by Mondelci with worldwide acknowledgement. Within the programme we notice the important presence of Roberto Molinelli and Giovanni Seneca, two contemporary authors from the Marche. Great Italian composers for the cinema as Ennio Morricone and Nicola Piovani are also included.

The event is supported by Kotor Art – Montenegro International Festival and Podgorica Italian Embassy.

Protagonists: Federico Mondelci - saxophone
Paolo Biondi - piano

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Download PDF 13.06.10 - Mondelci e Biondi, successo a Cattaro - Il Messaggero
Download PDF 13.06.10 - "Adriatico Mediterraneo", a Cattaro standing ovation per le note del sax di Federico Mondelci - Il Resto del Carlino
Download PDF 13.06.10 - Il sassofono di Mondelci incanta - Corriere Adriatico
Download PDF 11.06.10 - Adriatico Mediterraneo Concerto a Cattaro - Corriere Adriatico
Download PDF 10.06.10 - AdMed, le Marche in concerto a Cattaro col magico sassofono di Federico Mondelci - Il Messaggero
Download PDF 10.06.10 - Il Festival fa tappa in Montenegro con il recital di Mondelci e Biondi - Il Resto del Carlino
Download PDF 10.06.10 - Mondelci e Biondi a Cattaro - Corriere Adriatico
Download PDF 09.06.10 - Adriatico Mediterraneo in Montenegro a Cattaro - Who's Who

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