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This project, thought and carried out by the “Sferisterio Opera Festival”, presents a ballet linked to the Emperor Hadrian character, with three couples of dancers.

Ambeta Toromani, star of the Albanian ballet and naturalized of Italian adoption, will be on stage with Alessandro Macario, Marta Mafalda Marcelli and Jonatan De Luis Mazagatos.
The performance is part of a cultural cooperation project promoted by the University of Macerata and financed by Region Marche.

The project collaborators are: Argirokastro Region, Tirana Institute of Cultural Monuments, Argirokastro Institute of Cultural Monuments, University of Argirokastro, Horizont Association, the Province of Macerata, the Province of Ascoli Piceno, the Commune of Urbisaglia, Museum Association of the Province of Macerata, Legambiente Marche.

Protagonists: Sferisterio Opera Festival
Ambeta Toromani
Alessandro Macario
Marta Mafalda Marcelli
Jonatan De Luis Mazagatos

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