Moni Ovadia & Giovanni Seneca in “Rotte Mediterranee”

  • 26 October 2017
  • 21:00
  • Teatro Accademia di Babele
  • Music

Entrance cost: € 10,00
Moni Ovadia: vocals
Giovanni Seneca: guitars, compositions and arrangement
Anissa Gouizi: vocals
Gabriele Pesaresi: double bass
Francesco Savoretti: Mediterranean percussions

Rotte mediterranee is a recital based on a plot of tales and folk songs from the Mediterranean area and the creative compositions of Giovanni Seneca.

The Mediterranean basin is not only a geographical place, it is an atmosphere, a landscape. The sea is coloured with an endless range of shades rebounding in the sound of voices, places and music. The chants are made of elements from different languages: Bulgarian, Serbian, Greek, Ladino, Turkish and many Italian dialects.

Music and songs are inspired to the diverse Mediterranean culture and to the dialogue among peoples. It is a travel from Italy, through Spain, North Africa and Greece to the Balkans.

Lyrics by Predrag Matvejevic, Ivo Andric, Paolo Rumiz, Moni Ovadia.

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