“La musica è pericolosa” by Nicola Piovani

  • 25 October 2017
  • 21:00
  • Teatro delle Muse
  • Music

Entrance cost: € 15,00
In conjunction with the 6th Governing Board of the Adriatic and Ionian European Strategy (EUSAIR), under the Italian Presidency and pro tempore Presidency of the Adriatic and Ionian Initiative (IAI).
In collaboration with AMAT.

Nicola Piovani: piano
Marina Cesari: saxophone/clarinet
Pasquale Filastò: cello/guitar/mandocello
Ivan Gambini: drums and percussion instruments
Marco Loddo: double bass
Sergio Calicchio: keyboard and accordion

“La musica è pericolosa” is a music tale, told by instruments acting on the stage – piano, double bass, percussions, saxophone, clarinet, guitar, cello, accordion.

Nicola Piovani tells the audience the reason why he decided to study the works of De André, Fellini, Magni, Spanish, French and Dutch directors, alternating unreleased dramas and new versions of famous ones rearranged on purpose.

Music is everywhere, and the videos integrate the stage with scenes from movies, shows and images dedicated to Piovani’s music by Luzzati and Manara.

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